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Two ways to prepare yourself for a night-time vehicle breakdown

If you regularly drive your car at night or if you intend to take a long road trip which will require you to travel overnight, it's important to ensure that you are properly prepared for a night-time breakdown, so that this experience is as simple and stress-free as possible. Pack the right supplies There are a number of risks associated with breaking down at night. For example, even in hot climates, temperatures tend to drop quite low after sun set. Read More 

How to stay safe during a roadside breakdown

There are a number of risks associated with roadside breakdowns. Here are two tips for staying safe until the tow truck arrives. Make sure that other road users can see your vehicle If your car breaks down on the roadside, you may need to wait at least 20 minutes or so (if not longer) for your towing service to arrive. During that time, there is a danger that your car might be hit by an approaching vehicle. Read More