4 Warning Signs That You Need To Pull Over And Seek Emergency Towing Services

Safe driving encompasses many things, including buckling up, following traffic signals, obeying speed limits, avoiding distractions, and maintaining your car in good condition. Most importantly, it requires knowing when there are signs of trouble so you can get help before something worse happens. Here are four telltale signs it's time to stop and seek emergency towing services.

Driving Difficulties

One of the indicators that your vehicle has mechanical issues is when you start to experience driving difficulties. Perhaps the brake pedals aren't working as needed, or the steering wheel isn't handling correctly. 

Driving your vehicle in that condition is risking your life. Therefore, it's not even advisable to drive yourself to the auto shop for repairs, as anything can happen before you get there. The best option is to pull over on the roadside and call a towing company to move your vehicle to the nearest auto shop. 

Exhaust Smoke and Odours

Sometimes, smoke isn't a sign that your vehicle needs urgent mechanical care. Your car may release water vapour that resembles smoke as a byproduct of its exhaust system. That's normal. But when you see blue, gray, or white smoke accompanied by a strange odour, the coolant may have entered the engine's combustion chamber. If this issue is left unattended, the engine will overheat and cause even more serious issues. 

If there's a gasoline smell when  you start your car, you may be dealing with a leak in the fuel line, fuel tank, or fuel injector. Continued driving in that state can result in the whole cabin filled with toxic gases, which can be extremely harmful. Get the car towed to an auto shop for a checkup and repairs if there's unusual smoke or odours. 

Loud, Unusual Noises

Unusual noises like grinding, screeching, or scraping from your car shouldn't be taken lightly. But before making any calls, check whether you can identify where the noises are coming from. It could be a simple thing as an object being dragged under your car, in which case you can remove it and proceed with the journey. 

However, if strange noises are coming from the engine, the issue may be advanced, and it's not safe to continue driving your car until it's checked by a professional mechanic. Call for towing services and have your vehicle towed to a workshop for professional examination and repairs. 

Warning Lights

Your car's dashboard alerts you when something isn't right. When you see the temperature gauge sky-rocketing, your vehicle is overheating. And, if the warning is on the fuel gauge, you could be low on gas. 

The good news is that towing companies can bring you gas right wherever you are, so you don't have to be stranded in the middle of a highway. And, if the issue is overheating, you may want the vehicle towed to an auto shop before it breaks down.