Two common mistakes car owners make when they use emergency towing services

Here are a couple of common mistakes car owners make when they use emergency towing services.

They wait in their car until the emergency tow truck driver arrives

When a stranded car owner calls an emergency towing company, that company will aim to send out one of their tow truck drivers right away. However, if the company has already received a lot of calls from other stranded motorists or if there is heavy traffic at the time of the incident, it might take a while for the tow truck to reach the car owner. The mistake that car owners sometimes make in this situation is waiting in their vehicle until the tow truck driver shows up. This can cause a few issues. Firstly, unless there is something or someone near the vehicle that poses a threat to the car owner's safety, it is usually safest for them to get out of the car, and move as far away from the road on which they've broken down as possible. This is because a vehicle that's stranded by a roadside can easily be struck by another motorist (particularly if the road in question is relatively narrow).

Secondly, if a car owner stays in their vehicle until they spot the tow truck driver approaching them, they might not be ready for the driver to tow their car. They may, for example, need to scramble around at the last second, tossing their essential belongings into their pockets or handbag, and checking that there are no open drink or food containers whose contents could go flying around the car interior whilst the vehicle is being loaded onto the tow truck. If they get out of the vehicle as soon as they've realised they're stranded, they'll be more likely to take what they need there and then, and will, therefore, be ready for the tow truck operator to pick up their vehicle, as soon as the latter arrives. Not dragging out the towing process is important, as it could not only affect the tow truck driver's schedule but could also increase the chances of another motorist crashing into the vehicle.

They don't make any attempt to make their vehicle or themselves visible when lighting conditions are bad

Another mistake car owners make in this situation is not trying to make themselves or their vehicle more visible when the lighting conditions are bad (due to it being late at night or because it's raining or foggy). This can result in other road users who need to pass by their broken-down vehicle having a hard time spotting them until they're so close that they need to swerve out of the way (which could cause an accident) or until they've actually collided with the car owner or their vehicle. Additionally, if a car owner makes no effort to make themselves or their car visible when the lighting conditions aren't good, there is also a chance that the emergency tow truck driver might have difficulty locating them.  

As such, car owners in these circumstances should, at the very least, switch on their vehicle's hazard lights, and, if they have one, put on a reflective garment (or a bright-coloured top, hat or scarf) so that they and the vehicle will be easier for other road users and the tow truck driver to spot. 

For more information about emergency towing services, contact a local company.