Towing Tips for Heavy Farm Equipment

When working on your farm during dry weather, the chances of heavy farm equipment being stuck are close to zero. However, the same cannot be said when working the farm during wet months. The wet conditions make it difficult to control your agricultural machinery. Since the possibility of being stuck on the farm is real, it is critical to prepare yourself adequately for towing services. Even if you have the appropriate equipment to haul your stuck tractor, you still need to carry out the exercise in a safe manner. This article provides tips on how to tow your heavy farm equipment out of the mud.

Proper Towing Device

The moment your tractor is stuck in the mud, do not rush to the barn and grab the first rope or chain you see in a corner. The chain might work if you use it to tow your truck on a dry surface. However, wet conditions change the dynamics of towing because of the pressure the tractor exerts on the ground. In such a case, you need to factor in the state of the soil as well as the amount of time the tractor has been stuck. The longer the duration, the deeper the wheels will have sunk in the ground and the stronger the chain that will be required. You do not want a situation where the towing device snaps because of tension forces involved. Additionally, check for weak points in the chain, ropes, or nylon straps snapping occurs in those points.

Proper Device Attachment

Once you have found the right towing device, it is time to attach it to the tractor. However, you need to realize that your safety relies on where you decide to hook the device. One of the safest places you should hitch your device is on the draw-bar. If you attach it to any other part other than the draw-bar, then you risk the possibility of an overturn or a dangerous projectile

Proper Initiation of Process

After connecting the cables or chains where needed, it is time to initiate the towing process. In case you are using two towing vehicles, make sure that you use two strings and then begin the process at the same time. Pulling at different times will put tension on one towing device. Besides, you should have an effective communication plan between the towing personnel. For instance, if you are using hand signals, ensure that each person understands what each hand signal means to avoid accidents.

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