Plant Trailers - Uses and Types

Trucks are attached to various types of trailers to load goods onto in the process of transportation. Depending on the type and weight of the goods the type of trailer used will differ. Plant trailers are used to carry machinery. Machinery, of course, comes in various sizes and loads, as such different sized plant trailers will need to be used for each size/weight. For small plant machinery applications normally a 4.5-tonne capacity plant trailer is recommended. This size is suited to carry small tools and equipment that one may use for a small business for example. Another purpose of using a smaller capacity trailer may be to carry earth moving equipment such as recycled machinery. For larger machinery applications a large 10-tonne capacity plant trailer may be used, thus if the machinery is heavy, then this will be the best choice. 

Trailers used to tow away cars are also normally plant trailers (also known as flatbed trailers). In addition to this, these flatbed plant trailers may also be used for purposes such as transporting furniture for business or personal reasons. Flatbed plant trailers are usually the first choice of trailer used to transport furniture as a large number of items can be transported at once, saving time and money in transport costs. 

Trailers also normally come with loading ramps and tilting functions to allow loading and offloading machinery easier. Types of equipment and machinery transported include scissor lifts, excavators and mini loaders. Trailers may also be custom-made according to your specifications, and there is now a range of businesses that offer this service. 

Plant trailers are normally made using hot-dipped galvanised steel. This is an excellent choice as it's corrosion-resistant and is designed to accommodate the weight of heavy plant machinery. 

Types of Specifications

As mentioned, custom trailers can be made on request. These specifications can include ramps as well as low loaders having a low load bed and a detachable neck. Another specification known as ''beavertails' is also commonly requested. Basically, this is where the trailer slopes to the rear of the tow truck, this allows the tow truck to be used for purposes such as towing away damaged vehicles.

As can be seen, plant trailers have a variety of uses and can be manufactured with various modifications. One should always assess their needs prior to selecting a plant-based trailer for purchasing or hiring.