Would You Know What to Do If Someone Parked in Your Driveway or Parking Space?

It might be a perfectly nice vehicle that has been carefully parked. But still, this is not something you want to see if the vehicle is not yours or one that you have given permission to park in your space. It can be a strange sight when an unknown person parks their vehicle in your driveway or parking space. This inconsiderate person might have made it impossible for you to get your own car in and out of your garage, or might have left you with nowhere to leave your car at all when your apartment has a designated parking space. It can be a tricky problem to solve so it's important to know the best way to tackle it.

Private, Residential Property

When a vehicle has been parked on your private driveway, it's not as simple as calling a towing company to have the vehicle removed. Legislation varies from state to state, but it can be problematic to remove a vehicle that has been parked on private, residential property. Your first action should be to call your local council and ask for advice. The exact placement of the vehicle can play a role in what happens next.

The Property Boundary

As a Sunshine Coast resident found out, if any part of the vehicle protruded beyond the property boundary, then the vehicle was in the council's jurisdiction (and a fine was issued). Request that a Parking Enforcement Officer is dispatched as soon as possible to assess the unwanted vehicle. The council might opt to issue a fine, clamp or tow the vehicle. You might wish to strongly request that the vehicle is towed so that you can use your driveway again, but the council should make the towing arrangements. When the vehicle is not parked in a way that places it under their jurisdiction, the council might refer you to the police.

Flats and Apartment Buildings

The matter is somewhat more clear-cut when a driver leaves their vehicle in your designated space at a strata managed building. Parking on the premises is governed by the strata bylaws, and unauthorised parking can be a direct contravention. Immediately contact building management, who have the authority to take action. The vehicle can be clamped, but again, you might wish to strongly request that the vehicle is towed by a towing service allowing you to park your own vehicle in your designated space.

It can be an enormous inconvenience when a stranger parks their car in a place that it clearly shouldn't be. But by taking the correct action in having the vehicle removed, you can quickly ensure that the inconvenience doesn't last. And when their vehicle is towed, the other driver will hopefully not make the same mistake again!